Cost of Services

NOTE: We are not enrolled or contracted with Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance companies. We only accept private pay, which can include payment via FlexSpend, HSA, self-pay, or medical trust fund. We can work with you and your equipment supplier to order new durable medical equipment and submit the necessary paperwork to your insurance company* .

Self-Pay Rates

  • $140/hour: PT sessions

    • PT initial evaluation is a 2 hour minimum

    • PT sessions include the initial evaluation as well as treatment sessions, equipment trials, ordering sessions with equipment suppliers, and equipment final fitting sessions.

  • $50 / hour: Physical Therapist travel time

    • Additional travel fees such as ferry, tolls, and parking will be transferred to the client,at cost.

  • $250 : Administrative Fee

    • Flat rate for your Physical Therapist to write your equipment order paperwork including the "Letter of Medical Necessity" and appeals, if needed.

  • $75/hour: Consultative Fee

    • We reserve the right to apply a consultative fee at our discretion for phone calls and emails with clients, medical equipment vendors and manufacturers, and/or insurance reviewers to assist you in ordering your medical equipment.

When is payment due?

Payment is due at time of service. We will provide you with an invoice for the physical therapy services. Some private insurance companies may permit you to privately seek reimbursement for our services.

Form of payment

  • We accept cash, check, debit card, credit card, and HSA/Flex Spend cards

    • A 2.75% surcharge will be added to your bill if you opt for card-based payments such as with a credit, debit, and HSA/Flex Spend cards.

    • Please make checks out to "Mobility Coaching and Outfitting, PLLC"

*Kaiser often requires an in-network physical therapist and/or physician, which excludes our company, to submit authorization for durable medical equipment such as a wheelchair. Please check with your insurance provider to understand your policy.